Recording: We are equipped to record everything from full band sessions to fully isolated solo acoustic sets.  With our combination of industry standard, obscure vintage and avant-garde instruments and hardware, we provide a virtually limitless sonic canvas for our clients.

Mixing/Mastering: We provide comprehensive, deep, full mixes and masters specific to each client’s vision through our highly sought-after compressors, limiters, effects, and our sound treated, sonically accurate, high-quality mixing environment.

Production: We take your idea from a partially composed melody to a fully actualized project.  We cater to the specific needs of each artist including project budget management, on staff musicians, sound library consultations, and creative writing sessions, all specifically designed that help your music come to life.

Film and Television: We are equipped to provide composers, musicians, actors and directors to simultaneously view their visual work on our 50 inch monitor while they record their score or voiceover.

Remote Sessions: We are equipped to provide any number of services to our out of state clients though our use of clouds, VOIP, and teleconferencing technologies.

Composition: We have immensely talented, chart topping, writers, composers, and producers that are more than happy to collaborate with our clients.

Genres: We work with all styles of music, however we focus exclusively on music with a Christian message.



We have a different approach to studio time.  Our primary goal is the creation of good music.  To that end, we charge a flat rate per track.  This business model gives us the freedom to focus on quality during the recording, editing and mixing process without unnecessary cost to our clients. For all bookings, we require a 20% deposit with the remainder due at the completion of the process. We accept all major credit cards, cash, CashApp, Venmo, Zelle or PayPal.


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Engineer | Producer

Paul Engram

Musician | Sonic Effects

Will Steward

Musician | Arranger

Marcos Robinson

Musician | Producer

Earl Minor